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Price: £1,020.99 +VAT

Date: 01/11/2020

Want to own every single commercial synth sound I’ve ever programmed? You do? Excellent. This is your chance.

The Unfinished Complete Bundle contains 73 soundsets totalling over 16,500 sounds. In the bundle you will find Absynth Geometron, Absynth Heliopolis, Absynth Metaspace, Absynth Nostromo, Absynth Obsidian, Diva Cassini, Diva Genotype, Diva Ex Machina, Diva Phenom Vol 1, Diva Phenom Vol 2Diva Phenom Vol 3Diva Phenom Vol 4Diva Skyline Vol 1, Diva Praxis, Diva Skyline Vol 2, FM8 Akheron, Massive Ammunition, Massive Darkscore I, Massive Darkscore II, Massive Darkscore III, Massive Darkscore IV, Massive Darkscore V, Massive Omicron, Massive Polaris, Massive Stratosphere, Massive Transcience, Omnisphere Amara, Omnisphere Capricorn, Omnisphere Colossus, Omnisphere Colossus II, Omnisphere Colossus III: Deluxe, Omnisphere Colossus IV, Omnisphere Cyberia, Omnisphere Ferox, Omnisphere GaiKaiju Deluxe, Omnisphere Horizon, Omnisphere Horizon II, Omnisphere Horizon III, Omnisphere Horizon IV, Omnisphere Horizon V: Deluxe, Omnisphere Lost & Found, Omnisphere Pangaea Deluxe, Phonec Phosphor Vol 1, Phonec Phosphor Vol 2, RePro-1 Firebird, RePro-1 Substrata, Trilian Raptor, Uno LX Protozoa, Uno LX Vulcan, Uno LX Nara Vol I, Uno LX Nara Vol II, Zebra Arkhangel: Dark Edition, Zebra Borealis: Dark Edition, Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition, Zebra Elysium: Dark Edition, Zebra Gravastar: Dark Edition, Zebra Kronos: Dark Edition, Zebra Luminae: Dark Edition, Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition, Zebra Quasar: Dark Edition, Zebra Vellum: Dark Edition, Zebra Theta: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Gold: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Blood: Dark Edition, Zebra Minima: Dark Edition Deluxe, Zebra Lazarus Vol I: Dark EditionZebra Lazarus Vol II: Dark Edition, Zebra Tunguska: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Dusk: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Snow: Dark EditionThe Snarling and Doomsday.

A vast collection of some of the most cutting edge synth sounds available at 50% off the RRP!

Buy The Unfinished Complete Bundle now for just £1,020.99 +VAT.

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