Complete Bundle
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Complete Bundle

About This Project

Want to own every single commercial synth sound I’ve ever programmed for this site? You do? Excellent. This is your chance.


The Unfinished Complete Bundle contains all my available soundsets totalling over 20,800 sounds. In the bundle you will find Absynth Geometron, Absynth Heliopolis, Absynth Metaspace, Absynth NostromoAbsynth Obsidian, Diva Anahera Vol I, Diva Anahera Vol II, Diva CassiniDiva GenotypeDiva Ex Machina, Diva Nordsund, Diva Phenom Vol 1Diva Phenom Vol 2Diva Phenom Vol 3Diva Phenom Vol 4Diva Skyline Vol 1Diva PraxisDiva Skyline Vol 2, Filterscape VA Regen, FM8 Akheron, Generate Noire, Massive Ammunition, Massive Darkscore I, Massive Darkscore II, Massive Darkscore III, Massive Darkscore IV, Massive Darkscore V, Massive OmicronMassive Polaris, Massive Stratosphere, Massive Transcience, Omnisphere Amara, Omnisphere Amara II, Omnisphere CapricornOmnisphere ColossusOmnisphere Colossus IIOmnisphere Colossus III: DeluxeOmnisphere Colossus IVOmnisphere CyberiaOmnisphere FeroxOmnisphere GaiKaiju DeluxeOmnisphere HorizonOmnisphere Horizon IIOmnisphere Horizon IIIOmnisphere Horizon IVOmnisphere Horizon V: DeluxeOmnisphere Lost & FoundOmnisphere Pangaea DeluxePhonec Phosphor Vol 1Phonec Phosphor Vol 2RePro-1 FirebirdRePro-1 Substrata, RePro-1 Structure, RePro-5 Structure, Serum Alpha, Serum Icara Vol I, Serum Icara Vol II, Serum Nova I, Serum Nova II, TAL-Pha Omnia [Fjall Edition],Trilian Raptor, Uno LX ProtozoaUno LX VulcanUno LX Nara Vol IUno LX Nara Vol II, Zebra Apotheosis I, Zebra Apotheosis II, Zebra Apotheosis Loop Expansion, Zebra Arkhangel: Dark EditionZebra Borealis: Dark EditionZebra Continuum: Dark EditionZebra Elysium: Dark EditionZebra Gravastar: Dark EditionZebra Kronos: Dark EditionZebra Luminae: Dark EditionZebra Serenity: Dark EditionZebra Quasar: Dark EditionZebra Vellum: Dark EditionZebra Theta: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund Gold: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund Blood: Dark EditionZebra Minima: Dark Edition DeluxeZebra Lazarus Vol I: Dark EditionZebra Lazarus Vol II: Dark Edition, Zebra Lazarus Vol III: Dark Edition, Zebra Lazarus Vol IV: Dark Edition, Zebra Refrakt: Dark Edition, Zebra Tunguska: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund Dusk: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund Snow: Dark EditionThe Snarling and Doomsday.


A vast collection of some of the most cutting edge synth sounds available at 50% off the RRP!


Like other bundles, you can upgrade to the Complete Bundle if you already own some of my soundsets. Or, if you’ve already bought the Complete Bundle and wish to update it, that can be done too.


Email me to find out your upgrade/update price. Bundle upgrades/updates are not available during sale periods.



All the synth sounds you could ever need, and more




Absynth 5, Diva, Filterscape 1.5, FM8, Generate, Massive 1.3, Omnisphere 2.6, Phonec 2, RePro, Serum, TAL-Pha, Trilian, Uno LX, Zebra2 and ZebraHZ required.


£1,233.99 +VAT

Absynth, Bundle, Diva, Filterscape VA, FM8, Generate, Massive, Omnisphere, Phonec 2, RePro, RePro-1, RePro-5, Serum, TAL-Pha, Trilian, Uno LX, Zebra2, ZebraHZ