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“To have a creative sonic partner when putting together the musical world for a TV show or film is such a joy. Matt understands the projects we work on instinctively, and provides unique sounds to bring life to the characters.”

Michael Price
(Composer - Sherlock, Unforgotten, Jekyll & Hyde)


“Working with The Unfinished  is a real pleasure. His patches are sophisticated, elegant and always bring the right atmosphere and a little more! Matt’s sounds are very inspiring for me. I am a big fan and I can say that for me, he is the best!”

Nicolas Errera
(Composer - Hidden Man, Aux Animaux la Guerre, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir)


“Matt put together some bespoke samples for the recent Hugo Blick series Black Earth Rising. I gave him some guide tracks and quite a specific brief and he came back with an excellent set of sounds and ready to go programmed rhythms, all within Zebra. The sounds were great. A very satisfying collaboration.”

Martin Phipps
(Composer - War and Peace, Black Earth Rising, Peaky Blinders)


The Unfinished patches don’t feel like presets – I’ve used them on three very different movies in the last few months. Incredibly imaginative and useable.

Rupert Gregson-Williams
(Composer - Wonder Woman, Hacksaw Ridge, The Legend of Tarzan)


It takes A LOT for me to be inspired by synth patches. It’s so refreshing to know that I can load up patches by The Unfinished and find instant inspiration. There’s a “soul” to Matt’s sounds that is hard to find in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Thank you Matt.

Tom Salta
(Composer - Halo, Tom Clancy's Ghost recon, Lawbreakers)


My search for good u-he Zebra2 pad sounds remained fruitless for a long time, but than I was happy to found gorgeous presets on The Unfinished website.

Matt Bowdler’s sounds, especially for the Zebra2, are the best I’ve come across. All sounds are masterly programmed with a fine sense of detail.

Uwe Zahn/Arovane
(Artist - IDM, Ambient, Electronica)


Creating emotion, creating cinematic landscapes from synths is something rare and truly hard to find. In a world of near endless synth patches and libraries, Matt’s work to me stands out as focused on a narrative, on telling a story through sound and music. An idea that greatly resonates with me and how I compose.”

Trevor Morris
(Composer – Vikings, Olympus Has Fallen, Immortals)


Whatever magic potions you’re brewing over there, keep it up! I can’t thank you enough for making it so easy to find those polished, simple sounds that “just fit” – only a few tweaks and I can call them my own.”

Jason Graves
(Composer – Tomb Raider, Dead Space, Far Cry: Primal)

Ramin Djawadi

The Unfinished sound additions are unique and inspiring. The sounds are exceptionally crafted and are easily implemented in any project. The Unfinished packs are extremely applicable for scoring all types of media and I highly suggest adding them to your sound library.”

Ramin Djawadi
(Composer - Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Pacific Rim)


Matt’s Colossus library for Omnisphere is another milestone of brilliance in patch design. I have been using Matt’s talents for a few years now, including on my just released Doomsday artist record. He never fails to amaze me how a single person can create so many presets that are never boring or cheap sounding. They inspire you to write the best music possible. Thanks Matt!”

Sascha Dikiciyan
(Composer – Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Tron:Evolution)


As a regular user of Omnisphere, Zebra and the NI products I’m constantly amazed at how often Matt is able to produce such brilliant patches for the synths I love. He seems to breathe life into my plugins every month in a way that no one else can. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait for the next release.”

Clinton Shorter
(Composer - District 9, Contraband, 2Guns)


Matt’s ‘The Unfinished’ series is simply spectacular. Cinematic and evocative are words that come to mind. Need some inspiration? Just load a patch and follow your heart. Bold and nuanced at the same time, ‘The Unfinished’ is a wonderful resource for any composer!”

Greg Edmonson
(Composer - Uncharted, Firefly)


The Unfinished has done it again. Colossus is a hefty treasure chest full of pulsing and ambient gems. With most synth presets, I would normally mark off a couple as being useful, but with Colossus it is the other way round, with only a few I wouldn’t gravitate towards!”

David Buckley
(Composer - The Town, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Good Wife)


There are those that create custom patches for instruments, then there is someone like Matt, a composer himself, who creates custom patches that other composers love to use and are extremely useful. On top of that the sounds are sonically brilliant. His patches breathe a total new life into instruments we all have been using for years. Matt’s a master at what he does and I am constantly eager to see what he creates next.”

Kevin Riepl
(Composer - Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero)


I absolutely love every new soundset that Matt releases! The patches are unique and inspiring, and very easy to fit into a composition and blend well in the mix. I’ve used Matt’s work in many video game scores and trailers, and am continually impressed by his creativity and attention to detail. Highly recommended!”

Jeff Broadbent
(Composer – PlanetSide 2, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon video game, Assassins Creed Identity)


The Unfinished’s new aptly titled Colossus covers a lot of ground that other sound libs have a hard time doing: really useful stuff that is inspiring, creative AND practically applicable. This is exactly what you get with Colossus, the hard-to-find sweet spot between originality and usefulness. It has lots of distinctive character and just sounds fantastic, yet never gets in the way. Highly recommended no matter what kind of music you create.”

Halfdan E
(Composer - Borgen, A Somewhat Gentle Man)


The new soundset for Zebra HZ is f***ing outrageous! Why hasn’t Hans tried to lock you up in a room with only enough food to keep you angry and have you work on one of his films? I’ll keep buying whatever you put out!”

Dino Meneghin
(Composer - TeenWolf, Eye Candy)


These sounds are instant inspiration and I often get lost writing score pieces to myself based around one patch while digging through all the worthy selections in any given bank. Essential for atmospheric action!”

Blue Stahli
(Trailer Composer – X Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, Star Trek: Into Darkness)


These presets are just perfect! Matt’s sounds are really inspiring and great for a cinematic/soundtrack sound, but are also very useful in my everyday work for Timecop1983. Everytime I’m stuck on inspiration I just click on a random preset in the bank and BOOM, an idea is born! A part of me wants to keep these banks a secret, but the other part tells me the whole world needs these sounds.”

(Artist/Producer – TimeCop1983 )


I am always looking for something different for my tracks to set them apart. Unique sounds and textures are the speciality of ‘he Unfinished series, and you can manipulate these even further for more ambient depth in your tracks. For those who want to stand out and experiment beyond the norm, try these wonderful packs.”

John O’Callaghan
(DJ/Producer – Armada Music, Subculture)


Sound design is an integral part of my musical process. Fresh sounds are a vital source of inspiration. And while I do a significant amount of my own sound design, the single most inspiring source for unique and musically useful sounds and samples is Matt Bowdler’s work. Matt is, for lack of a better word, a f***ing genius.”

Jeff Rona
(Composer - Powers, God of War III, Homicide: Life on the Street)


Each time I download the latest collection from The Unfinished and start scrolling through the sounds I feel like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping presents. Beautiful, dark, ethereal, angry, lush, intense and much more in every set. I’m a fan.”

Mac Quayle
(Composer - Mr Robot, American Horror Story, Cold Case)