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The Unfinished has worked with a wide range of composers, artists and producers across a range of projects.

Clients include: Hans Zimmer, Martin Phipps, Jason Graves, Michael Price, Sascha Dikiciyan, Paul Haslinger, Jack Wall and Stephen Barton.

Matt has also collaborated with Spitfire Audio, Spectrasonics, u-he and Access synths.

Bespoke synth programming provides you with unique, high quality sounds; instant gratification; an enjoyable, collaborative process; and, most importantly, sonic candy to help you stand out from the crowd.

Download The Unfinished Bespoke Brochure to find out more.

Or check out the Case Studies below.


Case Study: The Crown – Series 3 & 4
Matt | 04, December

Martin Phipps is a composer I have admired for a long time, ever since I first heard his score to

Case Study: 6 Underground
Matt | 04, December

A short and fun little job, 6 Underground also provided me with my first opportunity to do a bespoke job

Case Study: Cryptid
Matt | 04, December

Thought it was time I updated the site with some short news items on projects I’ve worked on recently (ish!),

Case Study: Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Matt | 20, October

Zombies! They are the undead gift that keeps on giving. The latest installment in the Call of Duty game series

Case Study: Black Earth Rising
Matt | 15, September

A few years ago, when I first started becoming obsessed with Scandi Noir, there was one series that really inspired

Case Study: Unforgotten 3
Matt | 14, August

Having made a handful of sounds for the first series of Unforgotten, I was delighted when Michael Price contacted me

Case Study: Vampyr
Matt | 11, June

Vampires, like zombies, rarely go out of fashion. There’s also something tremendously beguiling about Victorian and turn of the century

Case Study: Warface Chernobyl
Matt | 11, June

One of my favourite game scores of all time is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier by Hybrid and Tom Salta. So

Case Study: The Bridge IV
Matt | 11, June

The best thing that can happen to a sound designer is to work on one of your favourite shows. I’m

Case Study: 12 Monkeys
Matt | 21, February
I've worked with Stephen Barton before, so when he and his team asked me to help them out on the
Case Study: The Expanse
Matt | 13, December

For me, one of the most innovative films of the last decade is Neill Blomkamp‘s thoughtful, sci-fi romp District 9.

Case Study: Titanfall 2
Matt | 05, November

Working with Stephen Barton is always fun and this job was certainly that, if a little unusual. Rather than creating

Michael Price

To have a creative sonic partner when putting together the musical world for a TV show or film is such a joy. Matt understands the projects we work on instinctively, and provides unique sounds to bring life to the characters.

Michael Price (Sherlock, Unforgotten, Jekyll & Hyde)

Rupert Gregson-Williams

The Unfinished patches don’t feel like presets – I’ve used them on three very different movies in the last few months. Incredibly imaginative and useable.

Rupert Gregson-Williams (Wonder Woman, Hacksaw Ridge, The Legend of Tarzan))

Tom Salta

It takes A LOT for me to be inspired by synth patches. It’s so refreshing to know that I can load up patches by The Unfinished and find instant inspiration. There’s a “soul” to Matt’s sounds that is hard to find in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Thank you Matt.

Tom Salta (Halo, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Lawbreakers)

Mac Quayle

Each time I download the latest collection from The Unfinished and start scrolling through the sounds I feel like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping presents. Beautiful, dark, ethereal, angry, lush, intense and much more in every set. I’m a fan.

Mac Quayle (Mr Robot, American Horror Story, Cold Case)

Ramin Djawadi

The Unfinished sound additions are unique and inspiring. The sounds are exceptionally crafted and are easily implemented in any project. The Unfinished packs are extremely applicable for scoring all types of media and I highly suggest adding them to your sound library.

Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Pacific Rim)

Clinton Shorter

As a regular user of Omnisphere, Zebra and the NI products I’m constantly amazed at how often Matt is able to produce such brilliant patches for the synths I love. He seems to breathe life into my plugins every month in a way that no one else can. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait for the next release.

Clinton Shorter (District 9, Contraband, 2 Guns)