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Price: £19.99 +VAT

Date: 11/10/2013

Omnisphere Horizon III continues the Horizon series with 128 more patches aimed at dark and light cinematic underscore.

It offers up everything from horror to children’s fantasy: propelling basslines, ominous soundscapes, blissful pads, delicate arpeggios and a number of intriguing hybrid-acoustic instruments.

Like Horizon I and II, the aim of this library is to provide you with a compelling collection of sounds to guide and support your scores, whatever the tone or genre. In carefully looking at what was missing from the previous two installments, I have focused a little more on deeper and aggressive tones, as well as playful and exotic sounds.

This time round, however, there are some additional sounds. Firstly, there are some pads and textures taking advantage of the great choir/vocal sound sources within Omnisphere. Also, there are some strange and wonderful hybrid acoustic instruments, such as guitars, dulcimers, strings and pianos. Finally, there’s an overall step towards the lighter side of Omnisphere, with some arps and instruments that wouldn’t be out of place in a children’s fantasy movie or a romantic indie flick.

The soundset has also been inspired by a number of game soundtracks that I have been enjoying recently, including the work of Michael McCann and Jesper Kyd.

Each sound has instant flexibility and dynamism dialled into the modwheel, as you would expect.

Omnisphere Horizon III is available for £19.99 +VAT and can also be purchased as part of the new Omnisphere Bundle. You can download a demo pack of free sounds to try out too.

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