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Price: £34.99 +VAT

Date: 31/07/2019

Zebra Tunguska: Dark Edition is a collection of 400 patches for Zebra2 and ZebraHZ.

Enter the dark world of Tunguska. A library of angry, dissonant, malevolent and destroyed synth patches. This soundset has been designed to provide instant dirty gratification for horror, thriller and suspense scoring; delivering analogue, modular and organic vibes.

Tunguska is full of pounding basslines, macabre soundscapes, unstable sequences, gritty pads and disturbing loops. With a focus on low frequencies, distortion and ominous textures, the colelction provides a powerful toolkit for producing dread atmospheres and battering action.

Inspired by eclectic producers such as Ben Frost (Dark), Demdike Stare, The Haxan Cloak (Midsommar) and Roly Porter, as well as modern horror composers including Hildur Gudnadottir (Chernobyl), Charlie Clouser (Saw), Joseph Bishara (The Conjuring) and tomandandy (Resident Evil), Tunguska aims to supply the unfamiliar and the intense.

This Dark Edition takes the original Zebra2 patches and gives them a darker, more analogue twist (and also includes the Zebra2 patches).

Zebra Tunguska: Dark Edition is £34.99 +VAT, with the original Zebra2 version at £24.99 +VAT. You can download a small collection of demo patches here.

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