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Aanaa: A Christmas Gift
Matt | 7 December

To paraphrase Withnail: “I’ve gone and made a sample library by mistake!” A couple of weeks ago I was watching

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Case Study: The Crown – Series 3 & 4
Matt | 4 December

Martin Phipps is a composer I have admired for a long time, ever since I first heard his score to

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Case Study: 6 Underground
Matt | 4 December

A short and fun little job, 6 Underground also provided me with my first opportunity to do a bespoke job

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Case Study: Cryptid
Matt | 4 December

Thought it was time I updated the site with some short news items on projects I’ve worked on recently (ish!),

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Diva Phenom 3 & 4
Matt | 23 November

Nostalgia: it’s not what it used to be. Often the way we view the past, even the ones we personally

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Diva Phenom: Further Listening
Matt | 12 November

One of the questions I asked myself when starting work on these Diva Phenom sequels was: “What else sounds like

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Zebra Nordsund II
Matt | 31 October

Two years ago I released Zebra Nordsund: Blood and Gold, the culmination of a career dream come true. It should

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Zebra Nordsund II Trailer
Matt | 24 October

New trailer for Nordsund II: Dusk and Snow is launched.

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Nordsund Spotify Playlists
Matt | 23 October

As part of the launch of Zebra Nordsund II, I thought it would be fun to share with you some

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New Nordic Listening
Matt | 22 October

One of the great advantages of doing this job is that things like listening to music, watching films and TV,

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IMDb Update
Matt | 20 October

It’s been a long time coming but, I’ve finally updated my IMDb profile¬†with a collection of bespoke projects I’ve worked

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RePro Substrata
Matt | 23 June

Analogue. We all love it. We can’t all afford it*. We have to rely on lovely people, such as the

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