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Price: £29.99 +VAT

Date: 03/05/2014

Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s hugely versatile Zebra2 synth, plus a bonus 150 sounds for Zebra HZ, aimed at electronic/hybrid film scoring and also deep, ambient electronica.

Continuum: Dark Edition is designed to provide organic, analogue synth sounds full of movement and energy. These are not upfront, in your face patches. They are programmed to support the main ideas of your tracks to provide extra weight, dynamics and vibrancy – ranging from epic and emotional to intimate and subtle.

The collection covers warm, shifting pads; deep, pulsing basslines; smooth, sharp leads; wide, kinetic synth arps and sequences; rich, structured basses; drifting, sonorous soundscapes; and punchy, insistent synth percussion loops.

The Dark Edition expansion takes the original 128 Continuum sounds and tweaks, modifies and fine tunes them for Zebra HZ. It pushes the original sounds into new sonic territory, taking advantage of Zebra HZ’s lush analogue Diva filters and VCA compressors, adding extra analogue warmth, bite and darkness.

Each patch has instant playability dialled into it via both the modwheel and the four XY pads. So, you can quickly control the filter, tone, envelope, effects and more of each sound on-the-fly.

Inspired by the lush, simplicity of artists such as Olafur Arnalds and Cliff Martinez, and the intricate technique of Harry Gregson-Williams and Sasha, Zebra Continuum should provide you with hours of musicality and tweakability.

Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition also includes the original 150 Zebra Continuum patches and is available for £29.99 +VAT. Do not purchase both versions.

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