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Zebra Minima
Matt | 25 July

Sometimes I actually listen to my customers, and one of the most common requests I’ve had is for a collection

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Zebra Minima Teaser
Matt | 23 July

Teaser trailer for the new Zebra Minima soundset.

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Time & Space Interview
Matt | 6 July

The guys at Time & Space recently asked me a few questions about how I got into synth programming, what

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Summer Sale 2018
Matt | 3 July

It’s that time of year again! The sky is blue, the insects are angry and people’s hideous feet are exposed

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Diva Cassini
Matt | 28 June

Here’s an interesting fact*: Cassini was the original name for my Diva Oxide soundset that I did for u-he. They

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Diva Cassini Teaser Trailer
Matt | 26 June

Teaser trailer for analogue sci-fi soundset, Diva Cassini.

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Case Study: Vampyr
Matt | 11 June

Vampires, like zombies, rarely go out of fashion. There’s also something tremendously beguiling about Victorian and turn of the century

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Case Study: Warface Chernobyl
Matt | 11 June

One of my favourite game scores of all time is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier by Hybrid and Tom Salta. So

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Case Study: The Bridge IV
Matt | 11 June

The best thing that can happen to a sound designer is to work on one of your favourite shows. I’m

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Matt | 21 May

Here at The Unfinished I’ve been busy making sure we’re compliant with the new General Data Protection Rules being implemented

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Omnisphere Cyberia Teaser Trailer
Matt | 18 May

Teaser trailer for my latest Omnisphere library. Will you buy it, “puny human”?!

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Women’s Aid Total
Matt | 11 April

Wow wow wow. I cannot believe how brilliantly The Unfinished International Women’s Day Sale went. Extraordinary. Thanks to your enthusiasm

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