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Humankind Total
Matt | 25 May

I am absolutely gobsmacked to be able to announce that the 2020 Humankind project has managed to raise over £5,000!

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Colossal News
Matt | 23 May

It’s back! One of my most popular soundset series, Omnisphere Colossus, returns for its fourth instalment. Hard to believe the

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Humankind 2020
Matt | 22 April

2020 has turned out to be something a strange year, hasn’t it? I’m trying to write this without using the

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YouTube Update
Matt | 9 April

Having been rather quiet for the last six months, I thought I’d do a little update video from my studio,

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Synthwave 2: Electro Boogaloo
Matt | 17 December

It has been my very great pleasure to team up with the wonderful Danish sound designer, Luftrum, to provide you

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Zebra Tunguska Trailer
Matt | 29 July

Trailer for the Zebra Tunguska soundset.

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RePro-1 Renaissance
Matt | 21 July

This week saw the launch of a signature soundset I produced for my good friends over at u-he. Renaissance is

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Uno LX Nara Trailer
Matt | 24 May

Trailer for Uno LX Nara Volumes I & II

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Matt | 27 April

There’s a terrific political drama on the BBC right now, starring the legendary Richard Gere as a truly nasty piece

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RePro-1 Firebird
Matt | 24 April

Despite my love for synthesizers, there have only been a handful on my “most wanted” list – things I felt

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RePro-1 Firebird Trailer
Matt | 23 April

Trailer for the brand new Firebird soundset for u-he’s RePro-1 synth.

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The Wandering Earth
Matt | 22 March

China has an eye on rivalling the big budget Hollywood movies that do so well in their domestic film market.

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