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Collateral Beauty
Matt | 12 January

I’m pleased to say that The Unfinished sounds feature extensively in the wonderful score for Collateral Beauty by Theodore Shapiro.

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What’s Coming in 2017?
Matt | 20 December

Well then… What an interesting year 2016 has been. I won’t go into detail about my feelings on the violent

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The Snarling
Matt | 14 December

I’m hugely excited to be not just releasing a synth soundset, but also my first ever feature film soundtrack. Both

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Case Study: The Expanse
Matt | 13 December

For me, one of the most innovative films of the last decade is Neill Blomkamp‘s thoughtful, sci-fi romp District 9.

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Matt | 9 December

It is always good news when u-he is releasing a new synth. The Berlin-based developers produce some of my favourite

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The Bridge
Matt | 3 December

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a big fan of all things Scandinavian. I’ve been

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2016 Christmas Sale
Matt | 30 November

‘Tis the season to eat holly, tra la la la la, la la la la! Christmas Christmas Christmas. I love

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Matt | 29 November

If, like me, you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (well, most of it, ahem… cough… Phantom Menace… sigh),

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The Missing
Matt | 23 November

I don’t know about you, but the thing I love watching most on TV is detective series – particularly Nordic

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Return of the Colossus
Matt | 10 November

Last year, when I released Omnisphere Colossus, it was the culmination of probably the most mammoth sound design task I’d

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Case Study: Titanfall 2
Matt | 5 November

Working with Stephen Barton is always fun and this job was certainly that, if a little unusual. Rather than creating

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Mr Robot
Matt | 25 September

Had word from the very talented composer, Mac Quayle, that he’s been using my Zebra sounds a lot on the

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