2024 Plans - The Unfinished
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2024 Plans

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

My girls are finally back at school, so I’ve got some peace and quiet at last, and my brain is slowly moving into gear. Which is just as well, as I have a busy start to 2024! And I thought I’d fill you in on some of the cool stuff that’s about to happen. 🙂

Firstly, one of the reasons the start of this year is so busy is because of having to postpone so much at the end of 2023! My shoulder, though far from fixed, is doing much better and there are fewer heating and hot water problems at home (although we still need a leak fixing).

But, the main thing is, I can do more work and there’s less disruption. So, what’s coming up then? Long read ahead (you CAN skip to the end if you like!)…

Before the end of January there’ll be a new soundset release for Zebra (Z2 & HZ), which is an expansion for the existing Apotheosis series. To add to the two existing volumes, I’ll be releasing a collection of cinematic, electronic and organic percussive loops/sequences, which I think is a really neat and useful tool.

I’m also finishing up a sequel to 2021’s Serum Alpha, which should be coming out in March. I’m really excited about this one and, as ever, I’ve got far too much material for it, so there’ll very likely be an Alpha III at some point as well!

Before then, I’ve a little soundset for u-he’s Filterscape VA ready to go. It was supposed to be released before Christmas but, well… I’m aiming to release a few more of these smaller soundsets. Sometimes they’ll be for more niche ideas, or for lesser used synths, or whatever fancy takes me. 🙂

Just about every aspect of running The Unfinished is getting more expensive. All the bills, all the subscriptions necessary to run the website and the marketing stuff… the emails about prices going up seem a little endless at the moment! However, I’m reticent about putting up prices, because I know everybody is facing the pinch at the moment. So, trying to release a few extra things, that take a bit less time and money to get in front of you guys, seems a reasonable way to attempt to bridge those gaps.

I’m also busy working with other cool people at the moment. I’m making factory patches for a couple of new synths that are coming out soon. The one I’ve just finished working on is a lovely new emulation that I think you’ll really enjoy (and that there’ll be a small extra The Unfinished soundset for at launch too!).

I have a new bespoke project underway at the moment, working with a favourite composer for a second time, which is very exciting.

Let’s see how well I cram that little lot into the beginning of the year!

Couple of other business- y things on my mind. I’ve been allowing the idea of starting a Patreon thing tumble around my mind. Again returning to the subject of covering those bills that keep going up! I’m not sure what it would entail exactly, it can be very tricky to come up with things in this field that can’t just be shared by unscrupulous people and undermine everything.

Maybe you guys can suggest some ideas for what you think would entice you into signing up to a The Unfinished patreon?!

One other idea I’m ruminating over is the possibility of having an intern (paid, probably as a work for hire approach, rather than as an employee) this year and maybe next. There are some little parts of running The Unfinished that suck a little bit too much time away from the creation of fresh synth sounds. Obviously, there’d be some mentoring stuff added in there, and opportunities to flex creative muscles here and there.

As I say, not 100% sure if I’ll go ahead and how it will work. But, I’m intrigued to see if there’s interest in the idea.

Well, that was looooooooooooooooong. Congrats if you read it all.

Here’s the skip to the end bit:
New Zebra and Serum soundsets coming, new little Filterscape VA soundset, factory patches for new synths to be released, cool bespoke job going on, waffly thoughts about Patreon and having an intern which I’d like your contributions to. 😛



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