Apotheosis Loop Expansion
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Apotheosis Loop Expansion

Happy New Year!

Last year (back in July 2023) I released Zebra Apotheosis I and II. Apotheosis was the first release in a series of synth collections taken from various Zebra synth programming projects I’ve undertaken in the last few years for film, TV and game scores. These sounds are a mix of things created for bespoke programming sessions; some were made but not sent, some were created for projects that didn’t happen or changed trajectory, others are just bits and bobs and experiments that didn’t fit what I was doing at the time.

When collating the sounds for the Apotheosis release, I found that I was over-represented in the drumloop patch section. There are already 72 patches across both Apotheosis volumes, which is a pretty good amount. But, that was merely the tip of the iceberg.

I found it so difficult settling on the final selection of drumloop patches (which, by the way, Zebra2 and ZebraHZ are absolutely outstanding for programming) that I quickly realised that a drumloop-only expansion was a viable release option for a later date. And here we are!

You get an extra 100 drumloop patches in the Apotheosis Loop Expansion soundset, originally programmed in ZebraHZ for a couple of film scoring projects. Plus, there’s a bonus 100 patches, where I rework the original patches for Zebra2. And, I’ll admit, I did programme a few extra origianl ones as I was collating this new expansion soundset. I can’t help myself.

These percussive sequences are great for both action and underscore cues, as well as beefing up any electronic music you might be doing. There are big distorted slammers, filtered techy top lines, dynamic electro breakbeats and organic hand drum grooves. Everything you could need really.

A comprehensive grab-bag of contemporary percussive sequences for whatever music you’re making. Enjoy!

Oh, and I’ll also be re-introducing the Zebra Apotheosis Bundle, which will now incorporate this expansion library.

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