ImpOSCar 3 factory patches - The Unfinished
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ImpOSCar 3 factory patches

I’ve been kindly asked to make some factory patches for GForce‘s latest update for one of their synths: ImpOSCar 3.

Although I’ve not released any soundsets for GForce synths (yet), I have them all and have long been an admirer of their quality. They’re very dedicated to accurately emulating the beef and dynamism of classic and esoteric analogue hardware synths.

My familiarity of the original OSCar hardware synth wasn’t much more than seeing it in some old “behind the scenes” Ultravox videos. I’ll also admit that ImpOSCar 2 wasn’t a softsynth I’d used that much.

ImpOSCar 3, however, I shall be using regularly from now on. It’s a lovely sounding synth with a reasonably simple architecture, although there are a few fun and unique tricks up its sleeve – you can make your own wavetable and LFO shapes, for example.

I’ve made a Let’s Make a Noise video about the synth, showcasing my factory patches, highlighting some of my favourite elements and also making some patches from scratch. Plus I did this little interview I did with GForce about it.

There are 20 factory patches from me in this wonderful update to ImpOSCar. I highly recommend checking the synth out!

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