Zebra Refrakt Released
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Zebra Refrakt Released

Time for one last soundset release in 2021 and we return to the perennial favourite, Zebra.

I’ve slowly been building up a pot of sounds that I’ve thought were great but, hadn’t fit into previous recent releases. They’ve been sat there, staring at me, on my hard drive sounding great but going unused.

So, I spent some time collating and honing them into a collective vibe; tweaking them so they felt like a cohesive selection. Then I set about completing the other half of the soundset, listening carefully to what direction the existing sounds were pushing me.

In general, it had a dark, modern, insistant mood. A post-Remote Control action and ambience, with a nice side of distortion (although nothing quite as disturbing as the noise Tunguska brings!).

The strengths of Zebra Refrakt lie in using it as a supportive toolkit. It’s not there for melodic, thematic writing. There’s a lot low end impact (big basses, thumping drums, abrasive sfx), tempo-synced vigour (dynamic basslines, percussive loops, rippling sequences), and immersive atmospheres (malevolent textures, gritty pads, moody ambience).

As ever, there’s a Dark Edition to take things into an even murkier and more analogue direction

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