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Summer Sale 2020

  16.07.2020   Matt   Sales   No comments

2020 has been a long and trying year, so this Summer Sale has felt like a long time coming. But, here it finally is! I’ve decided to keep things super

Christmas Sale 2019

  13.12.2019   Matt   News, Sales   2 Comments

It may feel a little bit like the fat guy coming down your chimney is a violent burglar, rather than Santa Claus, these days. Nonetheless, Christmas is a time of

Very Very Very Dark Blue Friday Sale

  22.11.2019   Matt   Sales   No comments

A rarity from me: a Black Friday Sale. Or rather… a Very Very Very Dark Blue Friday Sale! Since I haven’t released very much lately, I thought I’d be nice

2019 Summer Sale

  25.06.2019   Matt   Sales   2 Comments

Summer has caught up with us once more; with its humid air, its loud children and its burnt meat (both of the barbecue and the naked human flesh varieties*). But,

Summer Sale 2018

  3.07.2018   Matt   News, Sales   3 Comments

It’s that time of year again! The sky is blue, the insects are angry and people’s hideous feet are exposed via the medium of flip-flops. It also means the evil

Summer Sale 2017

  1.08.2017   Matt   News, Sales   2 Comments

As The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer draws rapidly to an exciting close, I hope you have enjoyed it. There are still releases to come, but it is time for my