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Diva Phenom 3 & 4

  23.11.2020   Matt   Releases   No comments

Nostalgia: it’s not what it used to be. Often the way we view the past, even the ones we personally lived through, is a figment of our imagination; a rose-tinted

Diva Phenom: Further Listening

  12.11.2020   Matt   Music, Releases   1 Comment

One of the questions I asked myself when starting work on these Diva Phenom sequels was: “What else sounds like Stranger Things?” And so, I thought I’d turn the answers

Zebra Nordsund II

  31.10.2020   Matt   Nordic, Releases   3 Comments

Two years ago I released Zebra Nordsund: Blood and Gold, the culmination of a career dream come true. It should be no shock to anybody that I am a huge

Zebra Nordsund II Trailer

  24.10.2020   Matt   Releases, Video   No comments

New trailer for Nordsund II: Dusk and Snow is launched.

Nordsund Spotify Playlists

  23.10.2020   Matt   Music, Nordic, Playlists, Releases   3 Comments

As part of the launch of Zebra Nordsund II, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the music that has inspired these new soundsets. This

RePro Substrata

  23.06.2020   Matt   Releases   No comments

Analogue. We all love it. We can’t all afford it*. We have to rely on lovely people, such as the chaps at u-he, to make beautiful and breath-taking softsynth emulations