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Omnisphere Cyberia Teaser Trailer

  18.05.2018   Matt   News, Releases, Video   2 Comments

Teaser trailer for my latest Omnisphere library. Will you buy it, “puny human”?!

Absynth Jura

  6.03.2018   Matt   Charity, Releases, Synths   No comments

I’ve had this little collection of Absynth patches sat on my studio computer for several months now, waiting for me to do something with them. Ever the prevaricator, I couldn’t

Nordsund Teaser Trailer

  12.02.2018   Matt   Music, Nordic, Releases   No comments

Teaser trailer for Zebra Nordsund soundset.  Yes, I’ve gone a bit mad with this, but this was huge fun to put together!

Zebra Nordsund

  11.02.2018   Matt   Nordic, Releases   5 Comments

Anybody who has ever paid any attention to my various witterings on social media will be fully aware that I am a complete Scandiphile. The landscape, the culture, the music,

Omnisphere Colossus III

  4.01.2018   Matt   Releases   No comments

It’s been a long, drawn out release this one. I had 90% of everything ready to go before Christmas but, the combination of my second daughter being born and then

Massive Omicron

  30.11.2017   Matt   Releases   No comments

It’s been well over two years since I last released a soundset for Massive (not including my fairly recent freebie, Massive Samuraii). For some, it’s a synth that’s long in