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Price: £19.99 +VAT

Date: 10/07/2015

Zebra Luminae is a collection of 128 patches for u-he Zebra.

This soundset is focused on evolution and energy; each patch featuring subtle and kinetic movement and life. Primarily designed to suit underscore style music, there is plenty within Luminae to suit the rigours of epic/trailer music or the soulfulness of ambient electronica.

At times minimalist, at others agile and aggressive; Luminae delivers sparkling sequences, strong basslines, vigorous drum loops, voluptuous pads, febrile soundscapes, and fragile leads.

With a focus on movement and energy, there are many more sequenced sounds in Luminae. Deep, punchy basslines bring tension; noise-based percussion loops provide dynamism; bell and mallet synth sequences release emotion. Plus, the pads and soundscapes flutter, twist and evolve, providing an equal amount of light and darkness into your compositions.

All of this comes wrapped in an organic, analogue vibe; influenced by a playlist that has featured Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross; Ben Frost; Thomas Newman; Nils Frahm; Hecq; and Cliff Martinez, amongst others.

Each patch comes with added adaptability programmed into the modwheel and the X/Y pads, to make these Luminae sounds even more expressive.

And, as ever, Zebra Luminae comes in a Dark Edition that tweaks and modifies the original patches in Zebra HZ.

Zebra Luminae is £19.99 +VAT. Zebra Luminae: Dark Edition is £29.99 +VAT (and includes the original version of Zebra Luminae). A ‘try before you buy’ selection of free patches is available for download.

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