Zebra Apotheosis Bundle
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Zebra Apotheosis Bundle

About This Project

Zebra Apotheosis Bundle is a collection of 800 sounds for ZebraHZ and Zebra2.


Zebra Apotheosis is the first in a series of soundsets that sees me returning to the large collection of unreleased Zebra sounds that I have built up over the past few years, working on bespoke and personal projects. This Bundle version brings together the Dark Editions of Apotheosis I and Apotheosis II, as well as the bonus Apotheosis Loop Expansion.


I have had the good fortune to work on some amazing films, TV shows and video games recently, with some extraordinarily talented composers and musicians. And in that time I have built up a large library of sounds that have either not been used on those projects or are from projects that were abandoned or altered dramatically for one reason or another.


Going back through that vast wealth of sounds, I’ve reworked, revised and remixed them to create new The Unfinished soundset releases; starting with Apotheosis.


Apotheosis embraces a thrilling combination of brooding, dark analogue, alongside dynamic, atmospheric organic sounds; encapsulating what Zebra does best.


Whilst created primarily during the programming sessions for a couple of film projects, Apotheosis took on a new life and approach as I refined the patches, and became inspired by the soundtracks I was listening to at the time; such as Fast X by Brian Tyler, The Gray Man by Henry Jackman, John Wick 4 by Tyler Bates & Joel J Richard, Luther – Fallen Sun by Lorne Balfe, Superfuse by Michael McCann, Take Down by Hybrid, and Watch Dogs – Bloodline by Stephen Barton.


These sounds provide a huge amount of energy and atmosphere; via intense, pulsing basslines; tense, cinematic pads and textures; compelling and driving percussive grooves; as well as a variety of other haunting, captivating and electrifying noises.


Bring rooftop chases, intense fist fights and daring escapes to life; add depth to suspenseful surveillance, tense confrontations and emotional goodbyes. Whether you’re watching from the shadows or plunging head-first into the heart of the action, Apotheosis provides the tools to create a gritty and immersive, film-scoring environment.


Zebra Apotheosis Bundle is £67.99 +VAT, and includes all 800 sounds from both Apotheosis Dark Editions and the bonus Loop Expansion.



Thrilling, analogue & organic, cinematic sounds




Zebra2, ZebraHZ and/or Zebra Legacy required


£67.99 +VAT

Zebra2, ZebraHZ