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Uno LX Vulcan

  27.07.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

Roland synths. They’re legendary. I have two: the Juno 106 and the JP8000. And whilst I’m not quite so sure about all this cut-down remake thing they’re currently doing, their

Top 10 Classic Synth Film Scores

  19.07.2017   Matt   Synths   4 Comments

Putting together the synth soundsets for my Retro Synth Summer meant listening to a lot of source material, some of which were classic synth scores from the 70s and 80s.

Diva Phenom

  21.06.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

I’m a child of the 80s. Born in 1975 (don’t go counting my rings now!), my best childhood years were firmly set in the time of Knight Rider, Goonies, Madonna

The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer

  10.06.2017   Matt   News, Releases, Sales, Synths   5 Comments

What goes together better than synths and summer? That’s right, nothing. Which is why I’m going to be offering three months of lovely synth sounds in my The Unfinished Retro

Diva Oxide

  29.01.2017   Matt   Collab, Sound Design, Synths   No comments

Early last year, I was invited by u-he to create a signature soundset for them. I took a while deciding what direction a soundset for them should take. I wanted


  9.12.2016   Matt   News, Sound Design, Synths   No comments

It is always good news when u-he is releasing a new synth. The Berlin-based developers produce some of my favourite softsynths and their latest offering is no different. RePro-1 is