Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition

Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition is a collection of 128 new sounds for u-he’s Zebra2 synth, plus a bonus 128 sounds for Zebra HZ.

With an emphasis on warm, organic, analogue tones with some bite, this soundset is designed to provide fresh synth noises for modern film scoring and atmospheric electronica. Serenity takes advantage of Zebra2’s extraordinary attention to detail, extensive modular capabilities and highly developed synth engine.

Serenity leans towards the sound of hybrid scores like M83’s Oblivion, Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy and Harry Gregson-Williams’ Total Recall; where classic, analogue synth warmth meets the searing, modern virtual analogue.

There also nods to the more laidback, lo-fi world of neo-classical too, with ambient padscapes and dusty, slightly broken synths; inspired by artists such as Johan Johansson, Hammock and A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

The collection includes: gritty and subtle basslines/sequences; punchy and roaring basses; lush and fragile pads; emotional and unsettling soundscapes; crisp and detuned leads; synthetic and physically modelled percussion loops.

The range and flexibility of Serenity means that within just 128 sounds, entire tracks and cues can be created, with infinite adaptability and expression, courtesy of extensive modwheel and XY pad programming.

The Dark Edition expansion takes the original 128 Serenity sounds and tweaks, modifies and fine tunes them for Zebra HZ. Whilst these are not completely brand new patches, they take the original sounds into new sonic territory, taking advantage of Zebra HZ’s lush analogue Diva filters and VCA compressors, adding extra analogue warmth, bite and darkness.

Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition also includes the original 128 Zebra Serenity patches and is available for £29.99 +VAT. It is recommended to download the latest updates of both Zebra2 and Zebra HZ. A demo pack of 15 sounds from Zebra Serenity can be downloaded to ‘try before you buy’.


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128 sounds for u-he Zebra2.
128 sounds for u-he Zebra HZ.

12 Arps
32 Basslines
24 Basses
6 Drums
4 Keys
26 Leads
62 Pads
30 Percussion Loops
30 Soundscapes
30 Sequences