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Phonec Phosphor

  10.08.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

Once in a while, a softsynth comes along and makes you go “Whaaaaa?!” Phonec 2 is a strange, strange beast. It was inspired by the sound of those wobbly logos

Top 10 Modern Synth Film Scores

  6.08.2017   Matt   Synths   No comments

Having come up with a Top Ten Classic Synth Film Scores list, I couldn't resist doing another one for more recent film scores. So, I trawled my memory (and my

Summer Sale 2017

  1.08.2017   Matt   News, Sales   2 Comments

As The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer draws rapidly to an exciting close, I hope you have enjoyed it. There are still releases to come, but it is time for my

Uno LX Vulcan

  27.07.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

Roland synths. They’re legendary. I have two: the Juno 106 and the JP8000. And whilst I’m not quite so sure about all this cut-down remake thing they’re currently doing, their

Uno LX Vulcan – Special Discount Edition!

  26.07.2017   Matt   Releases, Sales   1 Comment

I’ve teamed up with Togu Audio Line to make sure that anyone wanting the Vulcan soundset, but doesn’t already own Uno LX, can get themselves a copy for 20% off!

Top 10 Classic Synth Film Scores

  19.07.2017   Matt   Synths   3 Comments

Putting together the synth soundsets for my Retro Synth Summer meant listening to a lot of source material, some of which were classic synth scores from the 70s and 80s.