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Diva Phenom

  21.06.2017   Matt   Releases, Synths   No comments

I’m a child of the 80s. Born in 1975 (don’t go counting my rings now!), my best childhood years were firmly set in the time of Knight Rider, Goonies, Madonna

The Unfinished Retro Synth Summer

  10.06.2017   Matt   News, Releases, Sales, Synths   4 Comments

What goes together better than synths and summer? That’s right, nothing. Which is why I’m going to be offering three months of lovely synth sounds in my The Unfinished Retro

Zebra Vellum

  25.05.2017   Matt   Releases   No comments

Happy accidents. We all like those don’t we? Where we were trying to do one thing and another, excellent, thing happened instead. This happened to me last year, when I

Omnisphere Pangaea

  13.04.2017   Matt   News, Releases   No comments

It’s been almost four months since I last released a soundset. Too long huh? I’ve been busy on various music and non-music projects, which has included preparing a number of

Horizon Zero Dawn

  7.04.2017   Matt   Uncategorized   No comments

It’s been one of the biggest game hits of the year, so I was hugely pleased to discover that some of my Zebra patches made their way onto the Horizon


  7.04.2017   Matt   News   No comments

I’ve always been a fan of the sci-fi genre. I was a massive Star Wars fan as a kid (hell, even as an adult, I wrote and performed in a