Rupert Gregson-Williams

The Unfinished patches don’t feel like presets – I’ve used them on three very different movies in the last few months. Incredibly imaginative and useable.

Rupert Gregson-Williams (Wonder Woman, Hacksaw Ridge, The Legend of Tarzan))

Tom Salta

It takes A LOT for me to be inspired by synth patches. It’s so refreshing to know that I can load up patches by The Unfinished and find instant inspiration. There’s a “soul” to Matt’s sounds that is hard to find in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Thank you Matt.

Tom Salta (Halo, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Lawbreakers)

Mac Quayle

Each time I download the latest collection from The Unfinished and start scrolling through the sounds I feel like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping presents. Beautiful, dark, ethereal, angry, lush, intense and much more in every set. I’m a fan.

Mac Quayle (Mr Robot, American Horror Story, Cold Case)

Ramin Djawadi

The Unfinished sound additions are unique and inspiring. The sounds are exceptionally crafted and are easily implemented in any project. The Unfinished packs are extremely applicable for scoring all types of media and I highly suggest adding them to your sound library.

Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Pacific Rim)

Clinton Shorter

As a regular user of Omnisphere, Zebra and the NI products I’m constantly amazed at how often Matt is able to produce such brilliant patches for the synths I love. He seems to breathe life into my plugins every month in a way that no one else can. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait for the next release.

Clinton Shorter (District 9, Contraband, 2 Guns)

Greg Edmonson

Matt’s ‘The Unfinished’ series is simply spectacular. Cinematic and evocative are words that come to mind. Need some inspiration? Just load a patch and follow your heart. Bold and nuanced at the same time, ‘The Unfinished’ is a wonderful resource for any composer!

Greg Edmonson (Uncharted, Firefly)


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