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Price: £138.99 +VAT

Date: 30/01/2015

Massive Bundle is the collection of all of my Massive soundsets: Darkscore IV, Polaris, Darkscore V, Transcience, Doomsday, Omicron, and the no longer available Darkscore I, Darkscore II, Stratosphere, Darkscore III, and Ammunition.

That means over 1,450 high quality Massive sounds aimed at hybrid film scoring, deep and atmospheric dubstep, and all forms of electronica.

Check out the individual soundset pages for more details, or enjoy the demos.

If you already own some of my Massive soundsets and wish to upgrade to the full bundle, fire me an email – this offer is unavailable during site-wide sale periods.

Massive Bundle is £138.99 +VAT and requires Massive 1.3 or higher as it uses the .nmsv format.

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