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Price: £149.99 +VAT

Date: 15/11/2020

The Diva Bundle comprises of my seven soundsets for u-he Diva: Diva Cassini, Diva Genotype, Diva Ex Machina, Diva Phenom Vol 1, Diva Phenom Vol 2Diva Phenom Vol 3Diva Phenom Vol 4Diva Praxis, Diva Skyline Vol 1 and Diva Skyline Vol 2.

All four soundets provide a world of analogue modelling warmth and grit for your compositions, songs and projects. You can read more, listen to demo tracks and watch walkthrough videos on each individual soundset’s store page.

If you already own some of my Diva soundsets and wish to upgrade to the full bundle, fire me an email – this offer is unavailable during site-wide sale periods.

The Diva Bundle is available for £149.99 +VAT and contains over 1,400 patches.

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