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Despite my love for synthesizers, there have only been a handful on my “most wanted” list – things I felt I needed to own one day.

One of those was the Sequential Circuits Pro One.

So much amazing music has been produced with it. It’s a fairly simple structure, it’s just a monosynth, right? But the sound… oh my. Naturally I was utterly delighted when my favourite developers, u-he, created a software emulation of it (and the Prophet 5, another absolute classic).

At the end of last year I spent some mammoth sessions working with it. It was so easy to come up with amazing sounds. On top of the classic architecture, u-he have added a sophisticated sequencer and a collection of “stomp box” effects: waveshaper, delay, EQ, reverb and transient shaper/VCA thingummy.

By the end of these sessions I had created a huge number of sounds. Eagle-eyed viewers of my Firebird walkthrough video will have spotted the other folders in there!

I shall have to remain calm and release them steadily (and also make some patches for RePro-5!) and for now just be excited about releasing Firebird into the ether. Hopefully you’ll love it and RePro-1 as much as I do. It’s hot into my top three softsynths. It’s that good!


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