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It is always good news when u-he is releasing a new synth. The Berlin-based developers produce some of my favourite softsynths and their latest offering is no different.

RePro-1 is a keenly modelled version of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One analogue monosynth. u-he have spent a long time perfecting their modelled analogue circuitry to create as accurate a replication as possible, and it’s pretty damn fine. Given the quality of Diva, their trailblazing anlogue-modelling softsynth, you’d expect quality from RePro-1 and you get it.

Like the hardware it’s aping, RePro-1 is a monosynth. It has a few more bells and whistles than the original, especially the effects feature, which sees a collection of high quality stompbox style bits of processing.

I had the great pleasure of creating some factory presets for it and highly recommend you grabbing a copy. if you want some deep bass or spacey leads, it’s the perfect synth.


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