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This week saw the launch of a signature soundset I produced for my good friends over at u-he.

Renaissance is something of a departure for me. Not the usual cinematic soundset, but something harking back to my days as something of a dancehead. My musical education has constantly been informed by dance music; from early Chicago house, through rave, trance and then breakbeat, it has always been a great love of mine.

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, I was also something of a casual gamer (I try to be now, but running a business and looking after two young daughters… where’s the time?!) with my classic Sony Playstation consoles. One game that really captured my attention was Wip3out. With its mix of futuristic racing machines and dance music soundtrack, it was the adrenalin rush I needed at the time. Never mind the fact that I was utterly hopeless at it!

At the end of last year, I spent a few weeks on a massive synth programming session with RePro. I created hundreds of presets with this synth and it was huge fun. You’ve seen some of the fruits of those sessions in Firebird. But, whilst my focus was on various types of cinematic analogue sound, this little collection of patches that didn’t quite fit in kept rearing their head.

I put them aside in a separate folder and focused on the widescreen stuff. When I went back to this folder at the beginning of this year, it occurred to me that there was a theme within these sounds; a nostalgic yearning for a time when I pretty much exclusively listened to dance music: Sasha, Leftfield, Hybrid, Photek, Future Sound of London, Orbital…. that kind of thing.

Weirdly enough there were about 130 patches in this folder, so I thought I’d get in touch with the guys at u-he and see if it might interest them as a release (they’d been badgering for a while for a new one!) and fortunately they loved it.

It was nice to exercise some programming muscles that I had neglected for a while. Zebra Lazarus Vol I and II had provided some dancey moments, but not enough.

Anyway, you can expect some more stuff that combines the silver screen with the dance floor next year; including one project/collaboration I’m REALLY looking forward to!

In the meantime, enjoy Renaissance – which is available exclusively at the u-he website.


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