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Price: £49.00

Date: 19/08/2015

Kinematik is a cartridge by The Unfinished created for Spitfire Audio‘s unique synth engine for NI Kontakt, eDNA Earth.

The collection contains 150 patches aimed at atmospheric film scoring, electronica and neo-classical music. The sounds are designed to create evocative soundscapes, whatever the genre; full of organic, synthetic creations, devised using Spitfire Audio’s amazing wealth of homegrown samples.

The soundsources at the heart of eDNA Earth are created from a carefully curated library of orchestral, analogue synth and field recordings – featuring an array of amazingly skilled musicians, and state of the recording and processing technology.

Kinematik translates these original soundsources into a collection of esoteric pads, widescreen soundscapes, brooding drones, chunky basses and rippling sequences. Instant emotional sonic territory, inspired by the work of: Olafur Arnalds, Johan Johansson, Hammock, Max Richter, Jon Hopkins, Ben Lukas Boysen, Solar Fields and Sheridan Tongue.

Kinematik is £49 and is ONLY available from Spitfire Audio’s website. You will need to already be an owner of eDNA Earth to use Kinematik.



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