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At last, we come to the final soundset release of my Retro Synth Summer. Thanks for coming along for the ride, I hope you’ve enjoyed the old skool sounds, the freebies, the discounts and the articles.

It’s been hard work.

But, as is so often the case, I am my own worst enemy. Take Zebra Theta, for example. About a week ago there were 188 patches in my Theta folder. I decided I wanted a nice round number for the release. A few days later I had 205 patches (which I’ve now whittled down to 200). I cannot be helped.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been enjoying this nostalgic synth trip so much though. There’s something very enjoyable about taking a stroll down memory lane and creating simpler patches from simpler times. And they are sounds that are making a comeback, so that helps too.

Theta, in particular, is bridging the gap a little between the classic sounds and their modern usage. Like the Phenom collections for Diva, the majority of the sounds are fairly simple, without much in the way of reverb or epic-ness. However, they do have a little extra modern bite to them, inspired in particular by the great soundtracks in the Deus Ex and Mass Effect games.

It’s my first retro soundset with Zebra, which can certainly hold its own in the world of “analogue emulation” alongside its u-he stablemates Diva and RePro1. Plus, the felxibility and depth of Zebra allowed me to create some more digital sounding classic synth patches, more reminiscent of the Yamaha DX7 and EMU Emulator II.

Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who has purchased some sounds during my Retro Synth Summer. And a big thank you for your entertaining correspondence too.


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