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Sometimes I actually listen to my customers, and one of the most common requests I’ve had is for a collection of sounds with very simple sequences.

This was always in the back of my mind and, after working on a couple of TV drama projects, I had some sounds that would form the core of such a soundset. And so, Minima was born.

There’s not a very complex history to this soundset. There are a few sounds that were designed for two TV drama series, and also some patches made for a AAA game series. But, on top of that are many many fresh sounds targeting a simple sound to underpin your cues. Nothing flashy, no complex polyrhythms or syncopation. Just level-paced, tempo-synced sequences, with a variety of organic, electronic and physically modelled vibes.

However, I did decided to make a Deluxe version! This was mainly because I had an unusual number of patches created fro Minima. 230 didn’t make much sense, so I set about trying to work out how to define what would become the “bonus” patches. After a couple of playthroughs, I realised there were quite a number of ethnic/world sounds, primarily modelled hand drum loops and some Balinese style gamelan mallets. There just about 50 of them which, when taken from 230, rounded out the main collection to 180 – which was some mathematical aesthetics I could live with!

I’m a big fan of low key drama scores, primarily through my love of detective shows. So if you dig stuff like Broadchurch, Hinterland, Shetland, Vera, The Killing, Department Q, Trapped, Spiral, Braquo, Wallander and Unforgotten (which I have worked on, but there are no patches from it herein!), then you’ll find lots of useful noises in Minima.


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