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Once in a while, a softsynth comes along and makes you go “Whaaaaa?!”

Phonec 2 is a strange, strange beast. It was inspired by the sound of those wobbly logos at the beginning of old VHS tapes – the sound of synths going off kilter and out of tune. This is primarily achieved through it’s Melt function, which provides you with a knob where you can apply as little or as crazy an amount of wibbliness as you want.

But more than that, it’s a really decent and unique little synth. My walkthrough video will take you through a number of its most interesting functions but, at its heart, it’s a lovely, minimalist, retro synth, full of unusual controls, modulation and manipulation.

With my dual soundsets release, Phosphor Vol 1 and Vol 2, I’ve tried to create a haunting, inspirational and dynamic collection of sounds that can be use in a number of different genres. Phonec 2 has the ability to provide sounds that work really well in electronic genres, such as techno and ambient, as well as nostalgic genres like synthwave and hauntology.

Volume 1 has a slightly more 70s vibe to it, whilst Volume 2 is a little more 80s inspired. But, in a slightly surreal way, both have a really 90s vibe – if you’re a fan of Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre.

The main thing about Phonec 2 that appeals to me is how much fun it is. I like to think both volumes of Phosphor capture that spirit.

If you’re reading all this and thinking “This sounds great, I want these sounds! But I don’t have Phonec 2!” I have good news for you. I’ve teamed up with Psychic Modulation, the developers of Phonec 2, to offer a discount of 20% off the synth when you buy one or both of my Phosphor soundsets. The discount code will be part of the download and runs out at the end of August.

So, hope you dig these new sounds for a new synth. They’re a bit different, frankly a bit odd, and all the better for that.


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