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It’s been a long, drawn out release this one. I had 90% of everything ready to go before Christmas but, the combination of my second daughter being born and then me going down with the flu, totally curtailed any hopes I had of releasing it on time.

Still, what a lovely way to start 2018! With a huge, cinematic soundset for Omnisphere 2.

I pretty much spent the whole of the last quarter of 2017 working solely with Omnisphere. As well as putting together three commercial releases of my won, I was working on bespoke Omni sounds for a game soundtrack and also a TV series.

This has meant a real range of sounds have been pumping out of The Unfinished studio, and Colossus III has probably taken a slightly different direction from the previous two installments thanks to that. It has meant a slightly more subtle and intimate sound, plus an increase in the organic and percussive patches. Perhaps the whole thing has teetered more towards JNH than HGW this time around.

So there’s probably a bit more drama and atmosphere this time around, and a little less action and power. Which I think compliments the previous two soundsets well. It fills a lot of the gaps I felt needed filling.

And I hope those of you who own the Bob Moog Tribute library, enjoy the Deluxe version with 50 extra patches. They’re an intriguing collection of soundsources to work with; some of them pretty difficult to tame! But they do add some extra intrigue that’s not found in the regular Omnisphere samples… all eighty-five trillion of them!

Will there be a Colossus IV though? We’ll have to see. After all, I have plenty of new soundsets ready (or almost ready) to go for Omnisphere, before I can start thinking about starting any new ones from scratch!


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