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I’ve been using Spitfire Audio sample libraries for a while now and they are an essential part of my music studio these days – especially the beautiful strings they keep releasing. So, it was a huge pleasure when they invited me to collaborate with them on creating a cartridge for their eDNA Earth synth library.

eDNA Earth is a really clever engine that allows you to manipulate Spitfire‘s own samples and soundsources in creative ways. And those samples themselves are something else – warped and twisted versions of material taken from their many, many sampling sessions.

Just the sort of thing that appeals to me as a sound designer!

I took a listen to the cartridges they had already bundled with the synth and tried to find a sonic space I could create that would be different from, and complimentary to, what they had already accomplished. Fortunately, I could see a way of creating a host of sounds that I didn’t already have in my arsenal and that hadn’t been covered as yet.

The route I took was a subtle, dramatic approach: the kind of sound that fed into the way I like to score. I’m a big fan of the electronic, neo-classical sound of artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins and Johann Johannson. And I could immediately see that eDNA Earth had the capacity to creat that type of sound.

The soundset I came up with is full of lush pads, delicate soundscapes and intriguing drones. Plus there’s a few dark basses and subtle sequences. All perfect for creating a lot of atmosphere and drama, without being at all ‘in your face’.


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