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Here’s an interesting fact*: Cassini was the original name for my Diva Oxide soundset that I did for u-he.

They probably felt that Cassini was a bit light and spacey, given the soundset was rather dark and noisy. But that all freed up the name Cassini for me to use for the right collection of patches.

Cassini’s origins as a commercial release come from a couple of bespoke projects I worked on; both with science fiction overtones. I had a few patches that I really liked but that hadn’t quite fit into these projects (or were made at a point where no more sounds were actually required) and wanted to expand the idea into a soundset.

Previous Diva collections have been either super retro (Phenom and Synthwave) or dark and moody (Praxis and Oxide), so I wanted to find something of a middle ground. To have the classic analogue feel, but with a gritty, modern feel. The option that struck me was that a handful of recent sci-fi movies I’d really enjoyed had very synth-heavy scores, particularly Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner 2049. I figured I’d give both soundtracks a few listens before getting back in the studio.

The result is, hopefully, a nice big sound palette full of drifty, detuned, widescreen analogue grit and lushness; perfect for futuristic, space odysseys and much else besides.

*Might not be interesting.


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