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I’m hugely excited to be not just releasing a synth soundset, but also my first ever feature film soundtrack. Both projects are connected as the soundset features the sounds I programmed for the film score.

The Snarling is an independent, British, horror film that was released earlier in the year, with a hugely entertaining premiere in Leicester Square, London. I spent the end of last year scoring it, just after my daughter was born, which made for an extremely ‘interesting’ time! I finally put together an OST album and had it mastered, so figured it would be fun to also release the synth sounds I made for it.

The Snarling soundset features 250 patches for Massive, Zebra and ZebraHZ, brimming with dynamic action sequences and basslines, plus moody, horror-fuelled atmospheres and pads. The sounds were designed to help underscore what was a very strings and percussion lead soundtrack, so are very much programmed to sit beneath classic orchestral scoring and provide them with an extra edge.

As well as releasing The Snarling soundset and original score, I’m also releasing The Snarling OST album on iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp and Spotify.

It is with a great sense of pride that I’m able to share both this soundtrack and these synth sounds with you. I hope you enjoy them!


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