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How a Soundset Gets Made
Matt | 26 May

I thought that perhaps, either correctly or incorrectly, it might be interesting to know a little more about how a

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Diva Praxis
Matt | 28 April
It is time for the first soundset release since I revamped the website. And we're gliding into this new era
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Softsynth World Cup
Matt | 28 April
Welcome to The Unfinished World Cup of Synths! I've chosen 32 softsynths that I either currently own or have used
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New Website
Matt | 25 April

Welcome to the new and improved The Unfinished website. Hopefully it retains all the useful functionality of the previous incarnation,

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Section Zero
Matt | 17 April

My friend Erwann Kermorvant (who is also responsible for the terrific score the Emmy award-winning French TV series, Braquo) got

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Wide Blue Sound
Matt | 5 March

If you don’t already know them, I can highly recommend both Orbit and Eclipse by Wide Blue Sound. They’re pretty

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Case Study: Far Cry – Primal
Matt | 23 February

Jason Graves was already a regular customer and user of my commercial soundsets, when he sent me an email hilariously

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eDNA Kinematik
Matt | 25 August

I’ve been using Spitfire Audio sample libraries for a while now and they are an essential part of my music

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Case Study: Fear the Walking Dead
Matt | 23 August

Another project with Paul Haslinger. No floaty, atmospheric synth vibes on this one. We were into creepy, dangerous and provocative

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Interview: Circular
Matt | 30 July
Circular are one of my favourite ambient bands. The Scandinavian duo are signed to the legendary ambient/electronic label, Ultimae, as
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Junkie XL’s Mad Max Template
Matt | 25 May

Thought it was worth a quick mention that whilst I was watching Junkie XL‘s new video about his scoring template

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Omnisphere 2
Matt | 30 April
Getting an email from the legend that is Eric Persing, asking if I'd like to be part of the beta
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