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Price: £43.99 +VAT

Date: 02/08/2017

Drumstruck contains all four volumes of the percussion loop series and is the only place you still purchase 1 to 3. That means 325 loops with a gritty, dark percussive textures, including some mighty fine cinematic breakbeats.

Drumstruck 1 features deep kick loops, dynamic snick/top loops and crunchy breakbeats, reminisicent of Harry Gregson-Williams’ score to the film Phone Booth. Lots of lo-fi tension and dynamics.

Drumstruck 2 is more about louder, noisier, more distorted beats. If you enjoy the big cinematic beats of the likes of Harry Gregson-Williams, Linkin Park, Craig Armstrong or David Holmes, you’ll find something to use in this installment.

Drumstruck 3 has a little bit more crunchy darkness going on, with a focus on synth-based, techy loops and a bunch of saturation and gritty detail.

Drumstruck 4 is deeper and darker, and a much larger library than the others, with seven patches instead of the usual one – including some impacts and sfx. There are anlogue beats, digital drums and even some found sounds and custom acoustic recordings.

All 4 versions offer a wealth of dark, electronic beats and textured, glitchy breaks. There’s plenty of deep, kick-filled loops and crisp top-lines. All processed with my favourite compressors, EQs and distortion plug-ins. No effects, no frills. Just carefully programmed and produced beats, perfect for a wide variety of genres, including cinematic, electronic, rock and pop.

The Drumstruck series is a quick and easy way to introduce supporting loops to your music, dropping them in and out on the fly and combining loops to create new percussive textures.

Drumstruck 1 and 2 are in Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 format, whereas Drumstruck 3 and 4 is only in Kontakt 5 format. All the loops sync to your host DAW’s tempo.

Drumstruck Bundle is priced at £43.99 +VAT.

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