“Creating emotion, creating cinematic landscapes from synths is something rare and truly hard to find. In a world of near endless synth patches and libraries, Matt’s work to me stands out as focused on a narrative, on telling a story through sound and music. An idea that greatly resonates with me and how I compose.”

Trevor Morris (Composer – Vikings, Olympus Has Fallen, Immortals)




“Matt is a master at creating brilliant new sounds. Heliopolis is no exception. It’s one of those banks I wish he wouldn’t sell to anybody else!”

Sascha Dikiciyan (Composer – Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Tron:Evolution)





“Matt’s ‘The Unfinished’ series is simply spectacular. Cinematic and evocative are words that come to mind. Need some inspiration? Just load a patch and follow your heart. Bold and nuanced at the same time, ‘The Unfinished’ is a wonderful resource for any composer!”

Greg Edmonson (Composer – Uncharted, Firefly, King of the Hill)




“There are those that create custom patches for instruments, then there is someone like Matt, a composer himself, who creates custom patches that other composers love to use and are extremely useful. On top of that the sounds are sonically brilliant. His patches breathe a total new life into instruments we all have been using for years. I am a huge fan of his Massive Darkscore sound sets, which with out a doubt find their way into many if not all of my scores. Matt’s a master at what he does and I am constantly eager to see what he creates next.”

Kevin Riepl (Composer - Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero)



“These sounds are instant inspiration and I often get lost writing score pieces to myself based around one patch while digging through all the worthy selections in any given bank.  Essential for atmospheric action!”

Blue Stahli (Trailer Composer – X Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, Star Trek: Into Darkness)




“It seems like Matt has the perfect sense for creating patches which seem not to be available in any other synth library out there. His stuff is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to tasteful sounds!”

Alex Pfeffer (Composer – Crysis 2, Two Steps From Hell, American Idol)





“The Unfinished continues to impress with his FM8 presets. Plenty of useful and inspiring sounds that one can play with and tweak as one pleases. Great colours for dark scoring.”

David Buckley (Composer – The Town, Parker, The Good Wife)





“You know when you buy a new synth and spend hours trawling through thousands of presets only to find one or two standout patches that you go on to use time and time again? Well, The Unfinished specialises in forging ‘those’ sounds. I’m a recent convert, but having pooled from his Zebra, Omnisphere and Trilian creations extensively over the past couple of months, if Matt keeps releasing stuff, I don’t think I’ll need to buy a new VI ever again.”

Nick Harvey (Composer – Louis Theroux's LA Stories, Ross Kemp: Extreme World, Restoration Man)




“Matt’s presets and sounds are made with care and always utilise the soft synth’s full potential.”

Axel Hedfors (DJ/Producer – Axwell, Swedish House Mafia)






“I’ve been using The Unfinished soundsets for Omnisphere & Zebra. They’re great sounds, expertly programmed and ideally suited to soundtrack work. Beautiful pads and textures. I love ‘em, they’ve become my go to synth sounds. Used them on new series of Who Do You Think You Are and Inspector George Gently (BBC1). You’d have to be deaf not to use them!”

Mark Russell (Composer – Saving Grace, March of the Dinosaurs, Cold Feet)




“Matt has an incredible ear for sonic detail. I particularly love the more textural patches, they’re perfect for much of soundtrack work I’m involved in. It’s clear from listening to these patches that Matt has a very strong grasp on sonic manipulation as well as music composition. Very impressive!”

Rhian Sheehan (Composer – We Are Astronomers, We Are Aliens, Top Gear)




“The new soundset for Zebra HZ is f***ing outrageous! Why hasn’t Hans tried to lock you up in a room with only enough food to keep you angry and have you work on one of his films? I’ll keep buying whatever you put out!”

Dino Meneghin (Composer – Teen Wolf)





“As a musician/sound designer, I find that using other sound designers libraries helps me break out of myself creatively. Matt Bowdler’s patch libraries give me a jumping off point to other destinations sonically. I love to mix his patches with my own. I highly recommend his libraries.”

Steve Tavaglione (Musician/Sound Designer – American Beauty, Road to Perdition, CSI)




“Matt’s custom patches for Absynth are fantastic; fresh, rich, musical and instantly playable. Being more of a classical composer myself and not a sound designer, I was looking for unique cinematic sounds that were not tired and overused. I found Matt’s Heliopolis and Metaspace to be worth every penny!”

Alain Mayrand (Composer – The Legend of Silk Boy; Orchestrator – Elysium)




“Simply luminous sounds, wonderfully inspirational and so accessible. Matt Bowdler has created a glorious monster, and we need feeding. More Darkscore!”

Hilgrove Kenrick (Composer – Need For Speed: Shift, The Sanctuary, Skid Racer)