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I’ve been having a little bit of a studio shopping spree recently. My synth obsession has found me adding a Roland D50 and a Korg ARP Odyssey to my collection, as well as an MFB 503 drum machine.

But, most interestingly of all (for me at least) was the most obscure synth I bought: a Teisco S60f. This is a rare, early 80s, one oscillator synth from Japan. It was a bit beaten up, but was cheap and also rather a yummy PWM on it, so in a moment of impulse, I hit “Buy Now” on Ebay.

The guy who was selling it came over with it (sensibly choosing not to post a heavy old analogue) and we had a grand chat about synths and stuff. He told me that he’d bought the Teisco at an auction and, whilst preparing to bring it over to me, noticed a sticker on the underside that appeared to reveal the provenance of the previous owner.

One Mr Richard D James!

That’s right, I have a synth in my studio that was once owned by the legendary Aphex Twin!


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