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One of the most extraordinary games of recent times has to be Detroit: Become Human. An exploration of the consequences of increasing AI, of what it means to be human, and some incredibly dense and diverse gameplay.

One of the very interesting things about the soundtrack is that the developers brought in three composers to interpret the three stories within the game: Philip Sheppard, John Paesano and Nima Fakhrara.

Whilst John Paesano is a The Unfinished user of old, I’ve no idea if he used any of my sounds his thrid of the soundtrack; but Nima Fakhrara did get in touch and let me know he had.

Nima has some amazing gear in his studio. Classic analogues synths, experimental noise boxes, and also uses a lot of intriguing found sound and electro-acoustic techniques. So it’s great to know he could also find room for my noises.

There are some great videos that Nima has put up on his YouTube channel, revealing some of the ideas, techniques and instruments he employed in his score (including an unplugged electric string quartet!). They’re a really fascinating watch.


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