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To paraphrase Withnail: “I’ve gone and made a sample library by mistake!”

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Christian Henson talking about the Winter Voices project that he’s organising on Pianobook, and I thought it might be fun to record some notes for it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, a few hours later I had made a sample library.

Aanaa – The Unfinished Choir is a free Christmas gift to all; a fun little vocal/choir library for you to use in your music projects. It’s reminiscent of those old skool, synthetic choir sounds that used to be included on all the classic synth workstation keyboards – primarily because the sampling mthods are so lo-fi!

I recorded a few sung notes into my Aston Spirit mic, which was running into my UAD 6176 analogue channel strip; then processed and experimented with them, using a whole bunch of plug-ins from developers such as Eventide, Soundtoys and Valhalla. Micro-shifting/doubling plugs to rein in my pitch vocals, reverbs and delays to add lots of atmospheric space, and the occasional filter, envelope and FSU unit to add some extra character.

The library’s designed for Kontakt 6 (the full version, it won’t work with the Player), so it won’t work with previous versions, unfortunately. It’s very sprightly, at just 150mb, so won’t fill up much space on your hard drive! You can grab it from the shop, but it’s just a simple download link, no need to go through the cart system.

Hope you have fun with it! And a Merry Christmas!


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