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Summer has caught up with us once more; with its humid air, its loud children and its burnt meat (both of the barbecue and the naked human flesh varieties*).

But, for those of us who remain indoors, sweating away at our desks, making next summer’s film, TV and game scores, we have to snatch our jollies via discounted noises and the occasional ice lolly.

Ever one to join in such domestic frivolities, I offer to you the biggest and best The Unfinished Summer Sale ever!

“That’s quite a bold claim, Matthew. Can you back it up?”

Well, yes. Yes, I can. Bigger, because there are more soundsets, sample libraries and bundles on my site than ever before. And, better, because more of those collections of sumtpuous sounds are at 50% off than before.

I rest my case, m’lud.

To retrieve your dog day discounts, use the code BUTTERWOULDMELT in your cart between June 28th & July 12th. Just two weeks to get in there.

Below are the discount levels on offer. Note that recent releases Uno LX Nara Vol I, Uno LX Nara Vol II and RePro-1 Firebird are not included in the sale. Also, bundle upgrades are not included as part of the Summer Sale.

50% OFF:
Absynth Bundle, Absynth Doomsday, Absynth Nostromo, Absynth Obsidian, Diva Ex Machina, Doomsday, FM8 Akheron, Massive Bundle, Massive Doomsday, Massive Omicron, Massive Polaris, Omnisphere Capricorn, Omnisphere Horizon, Omnisphere Horizon II, Omnisphere Lost & Found, Phonec 2 Bundle, Phonec Phosphor Vol 1, Phonec Phosphor Vol 2, The Stone Tapes, Trilian Raptor, Zebra Continuum and Zebra Continuum: Dark Edition

40% OFF:
Algorhythms 02, Complete Bundle, Diva Bundle, Diva Phenom Vol 1, Diva Phenom Vol 2, Diva Praxis, Diva Skyline Vol 1, Diva Skyline Vol 2, Drumstruck 4, Drumstruck 4 WAV Version, Drumstruck Bundle, Kontakt Bundle, Omnisphere Bundle, Omnisphere Ferox, Omnisphere Horizon III, Omnisphere Horizon IV, Omnisphere Horizon V Deluxe, Omnisphere Pangaea, Omnisphere Pangaea Deluxe, The Snarling, Uno LX Bundle, Uno LX Protozoa, Uno LX Vulcan, Zebra Borealis, Zebra Borealis: Dark Edition, Zebra Bundle, Zebra Elysium, Zebra Elysium: Dark Edition, Zebra Gravastar, Zebra Gravastar: Dark Edition, Zebra Kronos, Zebra Kronos: Dark Edition, Zebra Luminae, Zebra Luminae: Dark Edition, Zebra Quasar, Zebra Quasar: Dark Edition, Zebra Serenity, Zebra Serenity: Dark Edition, Zebra Theta and Zebra Theta: Dark Edition

30% OFF:
Diva Cassini, Diva Genotype, Omnisphere Amara, Omnisphere Colossus, Omnisphere Colossus IIOmnisphere Colossus III, Omnisphere Colossus III Deluxe, Omnisphere Cyberia, Zebra Arkhangel, Zebra Arkhangel: Dark Edition, Zebra Lazarus Vol I, Zebra Lazarus Vol I: Dark Edition, Zebra Lazarus Vol II, Zebra Lazarus Vol II: Dark Edition, Zebra Minima, Zebra Minima Deluxe, Zebra Minima: Dark Edition, Zebra Minima: Dark & Deluxe, Zebra Nordsund Blood, Zebra Nordsund Blood: Dark Edition, Zebra Nordsund Gold, Zebra Nordsund Gold: Dark Edition, Zebra Vellum and Zebra Vellum: Dark Edition

Enjoy the sale!


*I’m talking about sunbathers rather than cannibalism, of course. Though can we ever be a hundred per cent sure what’s in those Aldi sausages?!


  • rick Abbott
    25/09/2019, 8:14 pm  Reply

    Oh man, I just discovered your works…ad I also JUST missed the sale. Dangit. Great stuff, bravo!

    • Matt
      26/09/2019, 9:41 am

      Ha, thanks! Although I’m not sure you only JUST missed the sale… it was a while ago now. 🙂

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