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Happy accidents. We all like those don’t we? Where we were trying to do one thing and another, excellent, thing happened instead.

This happened to me last year, when I was doing some bespoke sounds for a composer on a sci-fi TV series. I slightly misread the brief and eneded up creating a collection of organic sounds in Zebra, with a bit of a futuristic, sci-fi vibe. It turned out that the composer wnated something much more synthy but, in error, I had actually created the first steps towards a new commercial soundset: Zebra Vellum.

I so liked the “unused” sounds I had created that I felt compelled to flesh them out into a larger collection. The overall vibe was one that intrigued me. The sounds were organic, intimate, designed to reflect small, human character traits but, with a twist, that gave them a larger, bolder hint at a bigger world, ot there, amongst the stars.

This idea grew in nature and stature, with the patches’ core being about these small, organic notions of wood and glass and metal; textures that could be touched, that resonated with life. But on top of that was this notion of ideas on a grander scale, often reflected in added depth of sound; the organic and inorganic blended together, larger textures created through reverbs and delays – both space AND space!

Before I knew where I was, that initial group of about twenty or so sounds had expanded to 200.

And now, I present to you Zebra Vellum. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it.


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