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Having had a lovely time programming TAL Uno LX for Vulcan last year, it was only a matter of time before I returned to it for a follow up.

Uno LX is such a terrific recreation of the classic, analogue, Roland Juno sound that we all know and love, that it kept calling to me from my studio computer: “When will you play with me again, Matthew?” Okay… I’ve gone a bit mad there.

But, it really is a magnificent bit of software. If you don’t have it, and you love analogue synth sounds, you have to get it – more on that later.

Protozoa is in many ways a continuation of where Vulcan left off. The sounds are designed to bring a touch of analogue warmth and grit to modern music productions. Whether you’re writing a big synthy cinematic score, working on some lush electronic music, or even thinking of dipping your toes in the neon rose-tinted waters of synthwave, Protozoa has a wealth of gorgeous sounds waiting to be dived into.

As it happens, the sheer versatility of this seemingly simple softsynth meant that I actually ended up making way too many patches for just one release. There may be a whopping 150 presets within Protozoa, but there’s a further 250+ sounds awaiting release at a later date (probably next year though)!

And that’s what I love most about Uno LX. It is such fun to programme and, as I say, despite seeming somewhat limited (it is after all a meticulously faithful emulation of a six voice, two oscillator synth from the early 80s), there’s a wide range of sounds to be got out of it, even if they do all retain that familiar Juno sheen.

I’ve kept the feel retro modern, choosing the patches for Protozoa with a keen eye on the resurgence of analogue synths in both cinematic and electronic music. This collection will do some heavy lifting on anything from epic sci-fi to dub techno.

On top of all that joyousness, I’m running the same Special Edition deal I did with Vulcan, whereby you can get a 20% off discount code for Uno LX, if you don’t already own it. And you really really should!


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