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Last year, when I released Omnisphere Colossus, it was the culmination of probably the most mammoth sound design task I’d ever undertaken. The project began a year before that (on my honeymoon in Italy!) as I made notes for an Omnisphere library aimed squarely at the Harry Gregson-Williams sound.

Omnisphere 2 made that all the more possible with it’s amazing new features but, even though the original Colossus had 600 patches, there was so much ground I felt I hadn’t covered as well as I’d have liked. So, I set about creating Colossus II.

Several months later, it’s finally ready for release. I had planned to have only 300 patches in the collection, but here we are with 400. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop! Does this suggest there will be a Colossus III? You never know… you never know.

There’s a bit more emphasis this time on percussive loops (especially dark lo-fi sounds and clicky toplines), lighter sequences (both organic and synthetic) and also there’s a plethora of cinematic impacts. Plus, there are a few more dark tectures and soundscapes.

If you’re writing underscore or action, dark or light, or a mixture of all of them, Colossus II will keep you going for quite some time! Well… until Colossus III comes out. Haha.

Omnisphere is always a huge pleasure to work with and I have already had some great feedback from those who have had a chance to play with Colossus II. I am looking forward to hearing it in films, TV shows and games over the next year or so. So, if you do use it in a project, let me know!


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