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2020 has turned out to be something a strange year, hasn’t it? I’m trying to write this without using the words “uncertain” and “difficult” that we keep seeing on adverts and emails, as comapnies try to reassure us that they’re “on our side”, but they still want us to buy their cars/insurance/cigarettes!

Anyway, I thought it might be a good time to re-release Humankind, my limited edition, charity synth soundsets. Especially as I haven’t actually put out any synth sounds for nearly six months now.

For those who don’t know, Humankind is a collection of synth soundsets (of 64 patches each), with 50% of the proceeds going to charity. This time around I have chosen The Trussell Trust, a wonderful charity who help provide emergency food and support to people in crisis – and there has rarely been a time of crisis like the one we are currently going through.

In 2013, I released the original Humankind collections (for Omnisphere, Massive, Absynth and Trilian). Then I released them again in 2016, adding four new soundsets (for Zebra, ZebraHZ, Diva and Bazille).

Now, in 2020, I am releasing those eight soundsets again, but adding four brand new ones for RePro-1, RePro-5, Uno LX and The Legend – four of the best analogue emulation synths out there right now.

It feels like the right thing to do, to try and give something back, whilst I sit here in lockdown, wondering what the future holds, and indeed, what we want the future to hold. It also felt like a nice way to ease myself back into releasing some new sounds. I’ve got lots of stuff lined up for 2020 and beyond and I’ve recently provided some information on my plans in a YouTube video shot in my studio.

Humankind will be released on April 24th and all twelve soundsets will be available until May 22nd – then they will become unavailable again until next time (which could be a few years from now – they’re like Brigadoon!).

As well as being able to buy each individual soundsets, there will be a 2020 Bundle with the four new soundsets (RePro-1, RePro-5, The Legend and Uno LX), as well as a Humankind Bundle that brings you all twelve soundsets in one collection.

I hope you will help me in raising some money for The Trussell Trust, that you’ll enjoy the new sounds, and are looking forward to what I’ll be releasing in 2020.


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