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What’s this? This isn’t a synth soundset!

Well, no, it isn’t. But I’m a huge fan of programming my own drums and drumloops, as you’ll know from using my synth soundsets AND if you’ve bought either of the previous three Drumstruck libraries.

Drumstruck 4, however, is something of a different beast. For a start, it is much bigger than its predecessors – 175 loops rather than just 50. Plus, there are a handful of fun sound effects thrown in for good measure too. The main difference though is that, rather than co-opting and editing rhythms from existing projects, 99% of Drumstruck 4 has been created speicifally for this release.

The drum sounds and loops in Drumstruck 4 come from a variety of sources. Primarily from soft synths, such as Zebra, Diva and Massive, to provide a blend of analogue modelling and digital sounds. There are also a couple of analogue hardware drum machines involved: the Elektron Analog Rytm and the Arturia Drumbrute. Plus, sneaking in at the back, are a few “found sound” noises and some custom acoustic drum recordings.

I then took the raw loops I created with these machines and ran through some exotic, twisted and downright silly effects chains, created with my absolute favourite effects plug-ins. So, there’s compressors, EQs, distortion, delays and all manner of naughtiness from the likes of UAD, Soundtoys, Eventide, NI, FabFilter and Kush Audio/Sly Fi; plus some cool and crazy weirdness from Audio Damage, FXpansion, Sonic Charge and GlitchMachines.

The end result was then collated into five NKI patches (plus two extra patches for some sfx noises and cinematic impacts), covering a wealth of intriguing underscore and action drum sequences and grooves.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the extra effort that’s gone into this collection. It’s a great resource for very quickly dropping dark, detailed and atmospheric beats into your tracks. I’ve already been using it a huge amount and, thanks to a couple of well known beta testers, it’s currently being used on some TV and game scores.

And all this is hopefully just extra practice for my intended Drumstruck Pro library that I’ve been planning for quite a while now. Will it see the light of day in 2018? Perhaps…


  • Xavi
    28/04/2020, 12:44 am  Reply

    This kind of drumloops inspired on Harry Gregson-Williams style are cool! I have the drumstruck bundle and i use it when i can. The question is, would you do a tutorial about the creation of this loops or you keep the secret till the end?
    Greeting from spain

    • Matt
      22/05/2020, 11:21 am

      Thanks Xavi. I’ll have a think about it – mainly the answer is LOTS of effects! 🙂

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