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It has been my very great pleasure to team up with the wonderful Danish sound designer, Luftrum, to provide you lovely people with a follow-up to our 2016 collaboration, Diva Synthwave.

Imaginatively titled Diva Synthwave 2, it returns to the same neon-lit influences of 80s synth legends and their modern day counterparts. A little bit of John Carpenter and Jan Hammer, mixed with a dollop of Le Matos and College, sprinkled with a subtle hint of Trent Reznor and Junkie XL thrown in for good measure.

Tasty analogue vibes, glistening with lush delights and warmed by lo-fi grit, we’ve taken classic synthesizer sounds and given them our own signature twists.

Three years after the first incarnation, it’s been a bit of a long-time coming but, finally, our schedules collided rather than clashed. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait!

As per last time, Diva Synthwave 2 will only be available from Luftrum’s site – complicated matters regarding using e-commerce services that apply VAT differently, amongst other things – so it won’t be available as part of my Diva Bundle.

Whether you making full-on retro synthwave and synthpop or you want to add some classic analogue sounds to your scoring work, Diva Synthwave 2 will be a great weapon for your studio sound arsenal.


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