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It’s back! One of my most popular soundset series, Omnisphere Colossus, returns for its fourth instalment.

Hard to believe the first one is now five years old. How can that be?! That means there are now a faintly ridiculous 1,800 Colossus patches out there in the world, designed by my little brain, and available to be used by your far superior brain.

Previously, my Omni Horizon series ran four five releases, so could this be the penultimate Colossus? We shall see. What I can tell you though is that Colossus IV is another collection of perfect noises for Hollywood style action and drama, that’s full of suspense, emotion and thrills.

It’s inspired by modern action film series like Jason Bourne, The Equalizer, Jack Reacher and Taken; a nice blend of synth-driven and hybrid/organic instruments, providing huge widescreen atmospheres and rhythms.

Super excited about this release and I hope you are too.


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